Spotify Virtual Assistant

Spotify Virtual Assistant comes with iOS and Android

Today we can find virtual assistants in any app. From banks to, of course, search apps, everyone uses voice or chatbots to connect more easily with users. Among the most common, for example, is our beloved Siri, a classic of all Apple devices.

Spotify Virtual Assistant

However, among Siri’s main problems we find that it is not especially open to third-party apps. For example, when it comes to music, Apple has taken years to open up to competition outside of Apple Music. And even today, the experience is not the best possible.

For this reason, Spotify seems to have decided to take control of the situation and develop its own hands-free mode controlled with voice commands. It is not something as advanced as Siri or Google Assistant, but it will be the most practical to control the application more effectively. And from now on, it will be available to everyone.


This functionality had been in testing for a while, but it has not been until now that it has been officially released. Of course, it is a gradual launch, so that not everyone will have access to the function from the beginning. The moment it is activated, a pop-up window will simply appear when entering the app.

The feature is complemented by a voice search that is already active in the US. And it is certainly an option to consider even when Spotify already supports Siri. In the end, no one better than Spotify itself to take you to the best music from your app with a “Hey, Spotify”.

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