Internet Speed Test

How To Do a Reliable Internet Speed Test

Nowadays, having a stable and fast internet connection is really a must: forms of entertainment such as online gaming or streaming movies or TV series, in fact, require high performance for what concerns the network.

Internet Speed Test

I am not speaking only of Wi-Fi and ADSL in general but also of mobile data, which today are becoming increasingly important; some people or families in fact even prefer to connect only with 5G, 4G, and even 3G networks, relying for example on Modem / Router with SIM slot.

However, not everyone knows how to detect the performance of their connection; in this article, therefore, I will explain how to do an internet speed test, also focusing attention on which parameters to pay attention to.

Internet Connection Test: What is it for

Whether you are checking your Wi-Fi Router’s network connection or your mobile one, it is a good practice to test the connection from time to time; this is in fact fundamental in detecting, for example, the receptive qualities of our devices, any malfunctions, and to have an exhaustive picture of the performance of our connection (in terms of speed and stability).

Since the use of multimedia and entertainment content that we enjoy every day requires compliance with certain standards, carrying out such a test is of vital importance.

Speed ​​in Download, Upload, and Ping: what do they mean?

Once explained why the connection test must be done, it is right to analyze the values ​​that are measured following these checks; in particular, the data that is detected is often limited to the Download speed, the Upload speed, and the Ping. But what do these terms mean?

As for the speeds (expressed in Mbps ), these indicate the amount of data that your devices are able to receive ( download speed ) or transmit ( upload speed ) from (and to) your network.

For example, the download speed will affect the time it takes to download a program or watch a movie in streaming, while the upload speed will affect the uploading of a video in our cloud service.

On the other hand, the ping value (measured in milliseconds) is different: this only indicates the latency (hence the delay) between sending a command to the network and its execution; consequently, a high ping translates into a greater delay between these two factors and could be really frustrating especially in contexts such as online gaming.

So if you are a gaming enthusiast, in addition to choosing good gaming accessories such as gamepads or playing Smart TV maybe with Nvidia Shield TV or with a 4k 120Hz TV, pay close attention to the Ping value, otherwise especially during multiplayer sessions, your game response may be delayed.

Best services to speed test your Wi-Fi or mobile connection

There are several ways to test the connection; there are in fact thousands of programs or mobile applications capable of detecting the real performance of your network.

Speed Test

However, in this paragraph, I will focus on the best online services to test the connection, so that you do not necessarily have to download additional material on your devices.

Google Speedtest

A very quick way to do an internet connection speed test is simply to rely on Google; in fact, by typing the word “ speed test ” on the popular search engine, the first result will be shown the tool that Big G makes available to all surfers.

All you have to do is simply click on Run speed test and wait for the values ​​to be detected: download and upload speeds, ping, and server location will be shown.

Ookla Speedtest

A very popular service for monitoring your connection is provided by Ookla, which offers a very simple test to perform.

In fact, you just need to visit the relevant website, click on Go and wait for the results to be loaded; among the analyzed data, there will obviously be speeds, latency, your provider, and IP address.

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