How to Geolocate an IP Address

How to Geolocate an IP Address

The question that many users often ask themselves is whether it is possible to trace the identity of a person simply by locating his IP address. A simple search, therefore, would allow you to discover not only a person’s name and surname, but also many other “sensitive” data: his exact address, for example, or perhaps his telephone number.

How to Geolocate an IP Address

It is good to immediately clarify this point and specify that for us users it is not possible to obtain all this data on a person simply by knowing his IP address. An activity that is eventually allowed to the manager who provides us with the connection and to the judicial authorities. It is different by identifying a mobile number with which we have seen it is possible to trace the owner.

However, you too can get some more information by simply relying on an IP address. In short, you can geolocate an IP address and then know in which area the control unit to which the connection in question is located and some other related details.

What is an IP address? Everything you need to know

The IP address is also known as the Internet Protocol Address and is a numerical code present in all devices that allow you to connect to a network and surf the web (computers, smartphones, Wi-Fi cameras …). The IP address of your device is assigned by the provider with which you signed the contract (TIM, Vodafone, Fastweb…), and is characterized by a group of four numbers. Each of these numbers, separated from each other by a period, is between 0 and 255: this is the IPv4 version.

However, there is also a more recent version, the IPv6, formed by 8 groups of 4 hexadecimal digits separated by colons that allows you to have an unlimited number of IPs (which cannot happen with the IPv4 version).

In general, dynamic IP addresses are used, which change at regular intervals (usually every 24 hours) or after each session, or by restarting the connection of the Wi-Fi Router.

When is geolocation more accurate?

As mentioned above, with the IP address it is possible to trace the area where the user who uses it is located. Clearly, the accuracy of the IP address location varies from case to case.

In areas with high urban density, geolocation is able to be much more precise; the same cannot be said for areas with lower population density, where instead you will probably have to be satisfied with the province from which the user connected with his IP address (in some cases even the simple region).

How to find the IP address of your connection?

To find out your IP address quickly and easily, you can do it from the Mio-IP.its website. There are also other ways but less immediate such as using an extension for Google Chrome.

Best sites or apps to Geolocate an IP address

Now let’s see what are the best tools to get precise geolocation even using a smartphone:

What Is My IP Address

What Is My IP Address is an online service that allows you to locate an IP address with just a few steps. On the service page, you will find a box in the center where you can enter the IP address. By clicking on getting IP Details, a page will appear that will provide you with all the information relating to the IP address in question: not only the state and city in which it is located but also the exact geographic coordinates, complete with positioning on the map. has few differences with What Is My IP Address, which is also why it receives some consensus among users. Also in this case you will have to type the IP address in the search field and click on the magnifying glass (which you will easily find at the top right) to know all kinds of details, including the geographical position on the map.

Geolocate an IP Address

However, compared to What Is My IP Address, this online service will also allow you to have clear the distance that passes between one IP address and another (on foot, by bike, by car, or by plane) thanks to the IP Address Distance option. . Just insert them both and click on Show Distance to get to know this other aspect too (far from trivial).

IP Checker App per Android

IP Checker is an app for Android that once installed and started, just type the IP address and press Search to have a range of information at hand, including the country, the region, and the city. Then by tapping on View on Map you will be able to see the position on Google Maps.

IP Locator App per iOS

Of course, a similar application also exists for iOS devices, so don’t worry: if you have one, all you have to do is download the IP Locator from the Apple Store. As soon as you have downloaded IP Locator, launch it and click on IP Location. The procedure is always the same, i.e. the insertion of the IP address of your interest, with a final click on Location IP to find out the state, region, city, and geographical coordinates.

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