Apple Watch tips and features

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

Discovering new tricks for Apple devices is not easy, we already know very well operating systems such as iOS or watchOS, however, from time to time we find very little-known functions. And here you have one of them that is related to the Apple Watch and the way we write text.

Apple Watch tips and features

As you surely know, when you receive a message or a WhatsApp on the iPhone you can answer them from the Apple Watch. We have different ways of doing this available, and one of them is by writing on a virtual pad with your finger.

Well, it turns out that this keyboard is capable of suggesting words to us to type in a much faster way. A trick that most users do not know, and that can be very useful.

How to type faster on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch does not have a keyboard as such, we have the option of dictation and writing, in addition to the preset responses. One of the best functions of the iPhone keyboard is the upper area in which it suggests words so that we can type much faster, and this function is also available on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

All you have to do is launch the handwriting keyboard on your Apple Watch, start typing a word and turn the Digital Crown to see all the suggestions. If you are writing a long word, this can make you write much faster.

Without a doubt a great trick that very few know. It is true that the Apple Watch is not the best device for writing by touching the screen, but in many cases, it can be the fastest and easiest way to answer messages.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t know about this Apple Watch trick, it’s one of those that Apple keeps and doesn’t explain in any manual. Now you know it, and you can write much faster from your watch.

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